Dedicated photojournalists coming together to explore America


We are a non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists coming together to explore America and the critical issues it faces. Our goal is to create a visual resource that raises social awareness and expands public debate.

Photography possesses an innate ability to cut through facts and figures, to show humanity in all of its dimensions.  As corporate boardrooms leave newsroom budgets in disarray, and more often than not, in the dustbin, critical reporting that should illuminate the page and our daily lives narrows in depth.  The vast variety of the American public’s concerns on healthcare, education, criminal justice, the future of our post-industrial cities, race, the environment or the economy coupled with limits placed on in-depth reporting have compelled FCDA photographers to join together to collectively document facing change in today’s America.  Independent and unfiltered, these photographers are witnesses to our times, focusing on a wide spectrum of often neglected and underreported stories, to set out to explore the American landscape, to transverse the country, to tell stories, great stories and share them with the American people and the world.

FCDA is  non-profit organization inspired by the iconic photography of the Farm Security Administration (FSA).  FSA was created during America’s Great Depression and is famous for its small but highly influential photography program (1935 – 1944) that portrayed the challenges of rural poverty in the United States. Under Roy Styker, the photographers were sent out across the country with the goal of “introducing America to Americans.” FCDA is mobilizing to document the critical issues facing our country, creating a visual resource with the goal of raising social awareness, expanding public debate and creating an historic record in partnership with the Library of Congress, our nation’s oldest federal cultural institution. What you see on our website is the first of a collection of contributions by ten photographers, the founding generation of FCDA, paving the way for generations to come to continue the legacy of documenting today and tomorrow’s America.


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